Baruuda Kan


Baruuda Kan



Cyclops Ku




Princess Sokuuf (master)




Zola Axes, later Bellum Axes

Music Themes

Baruuda Kan

Baruuda Kan's in-game model for the River Zora.

Baruudakan hi1

Baruuda Kan's in-game model for the Empire of Bellum.

A faithful servant of Princess Sokuuf, Baruuda Kan has little in the matter of personal goals other than to smash open some heads. He's more pet than officer, and more of a brute than tactician. Regardless, many other twisted Cyclops Ku follow him for his slight intelligence over them, and Sokuuf plans on using that trait to keep the mindless monsters under her control.

Great Sea Edit

Baruuda Kan has long and faithfully served Sokuuf, his brute force aiding her in uniting the River Zora. Despite his lack of intelligence his cunning in a fight is dangerous. He now leads divisions of River Zora directly into battle in their quest to dominate the Islands of the Great Sea.

Hero Ability Edit


River Zora - Manslaughter: Boosts Morale and Attack Damage, but increases fatigue of all affected units.

Bodyguard Edit

Cyclops Ku (River Zora)

Cyclops Ku Platoon (Empire of Bellum)

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