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Bigocto Siege Platform

Bigocto Siege Platforms are Zora Mage Cannons mounted on elder Bigoctos known as Hugeoctos. In battle they serve the role of both artillery and heavy cavalry.

Description Edit

Strapping a Mage Cannon unto the shell of a Hugeocto gave the weapon increased mobility at the cost of less accuracy. Despite this drawback, being able to trample over and crush enemy armies underneath more than made up for this limitation.

Role Edit

Attributes Edit

  • Magic (Instant Kills to enemies with no magic protection)
  • Beast (Damages morale of all non-beast units)
  • Trample (Unit has chance to instantly kill enemy in charge attack)
  • Aquatic (Unit is able to move and fight in water)

Recruitment Edit

Bigocto Siege Platforms can be built from the Hugeocto Nest.

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