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Great Fairy




Tarm (creator)
Veran (sister)


Tarm Ruins, Holodrum


134 AG
Tarm Ruins, Holodrum


Armored Limbs

Music Themes

Dezaia is the sister of Veran and a Fairy criminal.

Physical Characteristics Edit

Much of Dezaia's appearance is difficult to discern to to her being encased in a a suit of living fairy metal. All six of her limbs have been warped and molded into wicked spike-pointed armored limbs, with which she crawls upon the ground like an insect. Only her pale blank eyes and antennae can be seen through the suit, serving as the only of evidence of having once been a true Great Fairy.

Abilties Edit

Dezaia was known to be extremely powerful, but since being sealed within her living prison the scope of her abilities is unknown. As her armor drains her magic power, it is likely she lacks potent magic abilities, instead relying on her large size and resilience, as well as rage fueled by millennia of torment, to destroy the enemies of Tarm. During times of war, Dezaia was often deployed into battle to frighten off would-be invaders.


Dezaia was once a powerful Great Fairy that rivalled almost all others. Her ambitions grew too high, and she believed she could conquer farm itself and command the forces of Nature under her will. After instigating a civil war, she was eventually defeated. As punishment for nearly tearing apart their society, Dezaia was cut off from magic and bound forever into a suit of armor that served as a prison.

Manifest DestinyEdit

In 133 AG, Dezaia is freed by Veran when she pursues Valanvi's Fairies back into Holodrum. She, as well many Korrigans released alongside her, is unleashed upon the Fairy Queen's forces, but is killed in the ensuing battle.



Hero PowerEdit

Shriek of Agony
: All units around Dezaia, both ally and enemy, promptly retreat.

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