Dune Runner

Dune Runners are light Gerudo cavalry archers.

Description Edit

Years of training with both the bow and on the saddle of horses have made the Dune Runners a potent weapon in the Gerudo arsenal. Scores of these cavalry archers could pelt enemy formations with incredible speed and accuracy.

Role Edit

  • Light Strike Cavalry

The added speed of riding on horses allowed Dunw Runners to relocate with ease, zooming from firefight to firefight to unleash barrages of arrow fire.Though they could shoot from quite a distance, they were much less accurate than their dismounted counterparts the further away from their targets they stationed themselves.

Attributes Edit

Name Description
Fire on the Move Can attack while moving
Hardy Tires more slowly regardless of environmental and combat conditions
Camouflage Can hide in trees and shrubbery

Recruitment Edit

  • Building: Gerudo Archery Range (requires Stables)
  • Time: 3 turns
  • Cost: 350
  • Upkeep: 103

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