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Elmenzhia is Twili settlement located to the south of the Realm of Twilight, southwest of the Palace of Twilight.


A secluded settlement constructed long ago after the arrival of the Dark Interlopers, Elmenzhia has long served as a house of Twili Sorceresses and arcane knowledge. Dense foliage of radiant colours grows rampantly yet with organisation across the entire city's grounds, enamoring those that pass through with their gentle glows and aura of mystical power. The Great Fairy Una directs the Sorceresses from the giant spire at the establishment's northern end, from which she can survey and observe everything that transpires within her domain.


The city can be assaulted from all sides except the entire north end of the map, which is dominated by a giant pit full of wild foliage. The most direct route is from the south straight up Elmenzhia's central main road into the plaza. An invader can also begin their assault from the south and ascend to the city's upper level, which circles around either west or east back to the plaza. Armies can attack from both the western and eastern sides of the city, but will be in for a longer march. Defenders have a lot of high ground, notably to the southwest and southeast, to station ranged units and siege equipment in order to defend the city from attack.


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