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The Fairies of Tarm are a playable faction in Hyrule: Total War. They must be unlocked by beating a Short Campaign as the Deku Tribes or a Long Campaign as any faction.


One of the oldest and most mysterious races of Hyrule are the Fairies. Small glowing creatures that drift with the wind, Faries have for the most part acted peaceful and have even saved the dying from death. In recent times however the fairies have almost completely vanished from Hyrule without a trace. Signs seemed to point that they have migrated far to the northeast and into the land of Holodrum, and those that pursued the matter further discovered their gathering place at the legendary ruins of Tarm. To many, Tarm is an enigma. According to legend, the Ruins of Tarm fell from the sky and around its resting spot the ancient Tarminians worshiped the structure as if it were a deity. In return for their fealty, the Ruins of Tarm would save the dying Tarminians just before their last breath. Historians often connected this resurrection with the use of fairies, and the fact that they have been gathering there seems to confirm the theory and prove that perhaps the fairies originated from the fallen Tarm Ruins. The true nature of this gathering is a mystery, but one cannot help but fear that they are creating an army. The average Fairy is small, only slightly larger than a fist. Great Fairies tend to be much larger, some reaching heights of up to ten feet. The true form of a fairy is unknown, though Great Fairies will often appear as an extraordinarily beautiful female of the observer's race. The fairies have no real need for rupees, and as such they can field as many soldiers as they desire so long as there are enough fairies in the area. Because of this the Fairies can assemble a massive army in short order and easily catch a developing kingdom off guard. Regardless, the tiny size of fairies makes them very poor combatants: one well placed whack of the hand can knock one out and potentially kill it. They may be small, but many rightfully fear a massive storm of the creatures lead by an enigmatic Great Fairy.


Strengths, Weaknesses and AbilitiesEdit

  • Obnoxiously Numerous: Fairies are able to quickly assemble large swarms of basic soldiers.
  • Mystical Seclusion: The Fairies have notably powerful defenses which seclude their strongholds.
  • Diminutive Beings: Most fairies are no larger than a human hand and can essentially be swatted aside in combat.
  • Mystery Magics: Most Fairies have the ability to unleash streams of energy from a distance. While very inaccurate compared to archers, a successful hit will usually instantly burn an enemy to death.



Siege WeaponryEdit





Historia onlyEdit

Tech TreeEdit

The Fairy Techtree is small but very upgradable. They have few buildings available to them, though they can be changed to suit the needs of a settlement or your military forces.



  • Magic Spring: Through their magic Fairies can create a magical spring of water in any environment to sustain their people.
  • Tiny Foundation of Tarm: A mysterious spherical monolith appears on the ground, slowly changing and warping the reality of the world around it in strange ways. Fairies that live within its influence are less likely to rebel against the Essence of Tarm.


  • Magic Pool: Expanding the Spring into a larger pool can provide many Fairies with the glowing life giving waters they need to survive.
  • Fairy Fountain: A small henge of stones where smaller Fairies dwell and live out their lives. Can deploy Pink Fairies into battle.
  • Fairy Fountain of Spring: When created in Spring, the Fairy Season of Love, a Fairy Fountain can be tasked to magically keep itself and the surrounding area in that season without change. Increases the population growth of its host settlement.
  • Fairy Fountain of Summer: When created in Summer, the Fairy Season of Fun, a Fairy Fountain can be tasked to magically keep itself and the surrounding area in that season without change. Increases the happiness of host settlement.
  • Fairy Fountain of Fall: When created in Fall, the Fairy Season of Labor, a Fairy Fountain can be tasked to magically keep itself and the surrounding area in that season without change. Increases the economic output of host settlement.
  • Fairy Fountain of Winter: When created in Winter, the Fairy Season of Sleep, a Fairy Fountain can be tasked to magically keep itself and the surrounding area in that season without change. Reduces the retraining cost of injured Fairies.
  • Small Foundation of Tarm: The sphere grows larger, warping the land around it into strange and alien shapes.


  • Magic Geyser: Expanding the Pool into a larger geyser can provide many Fairies with a constant stream of the glowing life giving waters they need to survive.
  • Medium Foundation of Tarm: The sphere grows larger, warping the very air and flow of seasons in strange and disorientating ways.

Large TownEdit

  • Magic Reservoir: Expanding the Geyser into a larger reservoir can provide many Fairies with all of the life giving waters they will ever need to survive.
  • Great Fairy Fountain: Altars dedicated as homes to powerful Great Fairies, whom may also be deployed into battle.
  • Great Fairy Fountain of Freedom: When left unattended to the forces of nature in Hyrule, Great Fairy Fountains become hectic messes of flora and fauna. Mad Mystics are able to dwell and master their powers at such fountains.
  • Great Fairy Fountain of Order: When the Seasons are kept in rigid order and balance, Great Fairy Fountains serve as a beacon of stability for the surrounding landscape. Herald of Seasons are able to dwell and master their powers at such fountains.
  • Great Fairy Fountain of Calm: When the Seasons are abolished and the land is kept in a state of stand still, Great Fairy Fountains serve as a place of rest and where the dead can be awoken into life. The lifeless Fairy Golems can be animated at such places.
  • Great Fairy Fountain of Chaos: When the Seasons are enticed and left in a state of constant flux and chaos, such Great Fairy Fountains become feared and respected for their power. Allows the creation of powerful and destructive Beam Golems.
  • Large Foundation of Tarm: The sphere grows to its largest size, at which point the world around it is nothing anyone but Tarm itself can fully comprehend. Objects move through each other, the ground and sky twist through one another, and the phantoms of the dead haunt those who wander within.


  • Magic Lake: This massive body of water glows with the brightness to light the night sky. Fairies come to cleanse themselves in the mysterious waters. Allows Fairies to train at their first Upgrade level.
  • Prison of Tarm: The Essence of Tarm warps reality into a harsh and twisted confine from which none can escape. Criminals of the Fairies are trapped within, unable to make sense of and navigate their way to freedom. The deadly Korrigans can be released and sent into battle from these nightmare prisons.

Large CityEdit

  • Lake of the Eternal: It is said these waters can bring the fallen of anyone back to life. Allows Fairies to train at their second Upgrade level.
  • Phantom Gateway: Believed to be a door to the meaning of Tarm itself, even the mighty Great Fairies are terrified to look upon the Phantom Gateway, from which the nightmarish Phantoms of Tarm emerge.

Cut Content Edit

The Fairies of Tarm were very different before receiving an overhaul. They were originally written as aliens that crashed into Hyrule in its early history, and were designed around the Great Fairies from Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess.

Trivia Edit

  • The four symbols in each corner of the Fairies of Tarm faction symbol are the Jewels required to access the Tarm Ruins in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons.

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