Fire Temple

The Fire Temple is a special building in Hyrule: Total War, located in the Death Mountain Crater, a Goron settlement north of Gor Goronon, the Goron capital.


Built by the Gorons in centuries past while under the tyranny of the Volvagians, the Fire Temple served as a tribute to their power and grounds to sacrifice rebellious Gorons as food for their masters. Now that the Volvagians are gone the Fire Temple serves as a monument to Goron freedom and prosperity.


  • Allows the training of Ruby Guards if controlled by the Gorons.
  • Increases the spread of Goddess Acknowledgement when controlled by a faction of that religion.
  • Increases the morale of Goddess Acknowledgement factions.
  • Allows for the "Reclaim the Throne of Death Mountain" event to take place.

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