Great Fairy

Great Fairy

Great Fairies are the most powerful members of the Fairies of Tarm.


Great Fairies were amongst the most powerful members of their kind. Blessed with amazing intellect and an arsenal of tremendous magic, a lone Great Fairy could shape the world around it with nothing but their willpower alone. Such power tended to make Great Fairies rather egocentric, arrogant, and in worse cases, power-hungry. The risk of tyrannical Great Fairies trying to take over their kind was not unheard of.


Name Description
Flight Dodges most melee attacks, extremely vulnerable to ranged attacks
Magic Instantly kills hit enemies
Seasonal Third attributes changes depending on season trained
Camouflage (Spring) Can hide in trees and shrubbery
Swift (Summer) Can move faster than other units of the same type and size
Hardy (Autumn) Tires more slowly regardless of environmental and combat conditions
Stagger (Winter) Enemy must recover when hit by ranged attack
Numerous Larger troop count

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