The Helmasaur King, known in the Lizalfos language as Garnyle Og, was a large Helmasaur that came to be worshipped by the Lizalfos as their God of Beasts.


Ancient AgeEdit


The Helmasaur King's Altar.

The Helmasaur King lived on Death Mountain circa 5000 BG, where it was a constant warzone between the Volvagians, Gorons, Lizalfos, Dodongos, Helmasaurs and many other species; and it was probably during this period that the Lizalfos came to worship the Helmasaur King as a deity of beasts. After the rise of Dakkon, who united Death Mountain under the Volvagians and enslaved the Gorons, the Lizalfos and the Helmasaurs were driven south to the Faron Woods.

Rise of GanonEdit

As of 1 BG, the Helmasaur King has not been seen in ages - it's most likely that it was dead or long gone.

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