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The Horonians are an NPC faction in Hyrule: Total War.


The natives of Horon are a fairly simple people whose origin remains unknown. Some believe they were Labrynnians that migrated north some time in the distant past, while more grounded theories claim that they are descendants of the ancient Tarminians that once worshipped the Forests north of their current villages. Indeed evidence of this connection is apparent in their religious worship of the four seasons and nature rather than supernatural deities that dominate the faiths of western cultures. Regardless of their past, the Horonians are a very peaceful people willing to open up and associate with anyone willing to return the favor.

History Edit

Ancient Age Edit

The Horonians are descendents of the Tarminians, a group of Hylians who settled Holodrum following the exodus of the Wind Tribe into the heavens. Over the following centuries the Tarminians came to settle the ancient City of Tarm and worship its resident being of the same name and its Fairy offspring. While the fate of the Tarminians is unknown, some of their people survived and settled the southern reaches of Holodrum, founding the town of Horon.

Several centuries before the Rise of Ganon, Horon experienced an expansionist period, establishing two colonies in the northwest of Holodrum. This era would come to a halt as their new settlements perished to flood and plague.

Geography Edit

The Horonians inhabit the southern valleys and meadows of Holodrum, between the Woods of Winter and the Tarm Woods to the North, and bordered on the west by the Spool Swamp and on the East by the mountains that guard Samasa Desert. Their namesake town is built along a small lake and located slightly east of Eyeglass Lake. Horonian lands are largely disorganized and unpatrolled, remaining wild and dangerous beyond the borders of their towns.


A typical Horonian building, with a distinctive square shape.

Territory Edit

Starting Regions Edit

Historical Regions Edit

Strengths, Weaknesses, and AbilitiesEdit

  • Simple Lifestyle: Horonians live a simple life and rarely have problems with morale or happiness in the campaign.
  • Willing Members: Horonians generally are willing to trade and ally with anyone that has supplies, conveniences, and technology that is better than theirs.
  • Pacifists: Horonians have no standing army, and if attacked will usually only defend themselves with simple tools.





Trivia Edit

  • The symbols around the rim of the Horonians faction symbol are the eight Essences of Nature from The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons; going clockwise, they are Changing Seasons, Fertile Soil, Gift of Time, Bright Sun, Soothing Rain, Nurturing Warmth, Blowing Wind, and Seed of Life.
  • The Horonians were originally called Holodrum Natives during the faction's initial design.

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