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Welcome to the Total War

Welcome, the Hyrule Total War wiki is a community where people can update information on the mod Hyrule Total War, and also chat about the game.
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There are currently 1,037 pages on this wiki and we are still growing.

About Us

This wiki is about Hyrule: Total War, a mod for Medieval 2: Total War created by Chasen Lindsey. The mod's development forums can be found here.

Where to start

While it is fine for you to edit as an anonymous user, we would prefer if you made an account. Some of the more major pages on this wiki include: Hyrule: Total War and Hyrule Historia, use these pages as a great way to start as they link to many other pages.

If you need help on this wiki you should go to an Admin for help, here is a list of Admins.

If you wish to help write unit stats see Pure Stats (For Wiki Writer Use. Long !)


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