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The Ice Archer is a Gerudo infantry unit.

Ice Archer

Description Edit

After years of arduous training, Gerudo women are given the chance to enter the infamous Gerudo Training Grounds. Should they survive, they emerge victorious with Ice Arrows in hand. These ancient and magical weapons can fire a deadly arrow coated in frost. On contact they explode and instantly freeze anything near their impact.


  • Light Suppressive Fire Archer

The nature of the Ice Archer's weapon allowed them to slow down, stumble, and in some cases outright halt the advance of an enemy force in their tracks. They were invaluable support units, allowing Gerudo armies to outmove their targets as they struggled to free themselves from their frozen restraints.

Attributes Edit

  • Armor Piercing (Attack ignores Heavy Armor)
  • Stagger (Enemy unit must recover when hit by ranged attack)
  • Exceptionally Trained (This unit has undergone years of training and responds to orders better, but takes longer to create)

Recruitment Edit

  • Building: Gerudo Archery Range (requires Gerudo Training Grounds)
  • Time: 5 Turns
  • Cost: 400
  • Upkeep: 117

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