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Ironclad elite

Iron-clad Elite

The Iron-clad Elite is an infantry unit of the Kingdom of Hyrule.

Description Edit

The Iron-clad Elites were the longest-lived and most experienced soldiers to serve in the Hylian army. They were few and far-between, often serving as captains, generals, and the personal bodyguard of the Royal Family. They were armed with both a sword and a spear, giving them ample fighting power against both infantry and cavalry.

Role Edit

  • Heavy Support Infantry

The Iron-clad Elite's many years of tactical knowledge made them great commanders.They could easily improve the performance of nearby soldiers, making them ideal to be paired off with all other dismounted infantry and spearmen. When alone they could hold their ground rather well.

Attributes Edit

  • Inspire (Improves troop morale)
  • Secondary Polearm (Resistant to Cavalry)
  • Exceptionally Trained (This unit has undergone years of training and responds to orders better, but takes longer to create)

Recruitment Edit

  • Building: Kingdom Academy
  • Time: 5 Turns
  • Cost: 450
  • Upkeep: 150

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