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Kingdom Crossbowman

The Kingdom Crossbowman, formerly known as the Hylian Crossbowman, is an infantry unit of the Kingdom of Hyrule.

Description Edit

Although traditional archery was a popular sport in the Kingdom's history, its military preferred to mass-produce and deploy easy-to-use and deadly crossbows for its ranged arsenal. These men also wore large shields on their backs to cover themselves from enemy fire while reloading their weapons.

Role Edit

  • Heavy Harassment Archer

Crossbowmen packed a punch for a ranged unit. They could puncture almost any enemy armor with their weaponry, making them ideal for sniping down large and heavily-armored enemies. In addition their back shields made them extremely resistant to enemy arrow barrages as well. They were a bit slow on the foot, however, and could take quite a bit of time to get into position.

Attributes Edit

  • Armor Piercing (Attack ignores Heavy Armor)
  • Back Shield (Immune to arrow fire)
  • Reserves (Unit can be replenished faster)


  • Building: Small Barracks
  • Time: 3 turns
  • Cost: 350
  • Upkeep: 115

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