Hylian infantry

Hylian Infantry

Kingdom Infantry are the basic infantry of the Kingdom of Hyrule.

Description Edit

Scores of these infantry served as the primary soldier deployed by the Kingdom of Hyrule. They served as the bulk and workforce of the Kingdom's military: charging on the frontlines of almost every major battle in recorded history.

Role Edit

  • Light Frontline Infantry

Both the numbers and the versatility of the Kingdom Infantry made them ideal for almost any role. They were used in all sorts of situations, usually as cannon-fodder on the frontlines.

Attributes Edit

Name Description
Brave Exceptional courage in the face of danger
Reserves Can be replenished faster
Numerous Larger troop count

Recruitment Edit

  • Building: Small Barracks
  • Time: 3 Turns
  • Cost: 350
  • Upkeep: 115

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