Korok Colonists

Main Colour



Lesser Deity Worship



Rival Factions

Ocean Blins, Lost Gorons, Gerudo Pirates, Phantom Army

Cordial Factions

New Hyrule, Anouki Natives

Faction Theme

Marching Themes

Battle Themes

The Korok Colonists are a playable faction in Great Sea: Total War.


The destruction of Hyrule brought great ruin to the Kokiri. As the forest began to wither, the children of the Great Deku Tree underwent his final request and shed their animal bodies, becoming Koroks and vowing to abandon war forever. Deeming Hyrule a lost cause, these Koroks gathered the remaining Deku Tree Seeds and set out to find new and fertile lands. Eventually the Koroks came to the islands of the Great Sea, where they have struggled to establish themselves.

Like the Hylians, the Koroks are newcomers to the Islands of the Great Sea and have been met with hostility on all sides. Though their intentions are peaceful, they have been constantly raided by Ocean Blin pirates. With little hope left of the Great Deku Tree's legacy, the Korok Queen Saria has revoked the vow of pacifism and begun to militarise the Koroks to strike back at the Ocean Blin.

The Korok army is relatively frail, though they have a superior range advantage over all of the other factions. Powerful archers and long ranged artillery line their ranks. The Korok Navy is relatively frail as well, though their ships are very swift and can outrun most other navies with ease.





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