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Liyer is rogue member of the Sheikah Cadre who serves as an agent of the Oocca on the surface of Hyrule.

Physical Appearance Edit

Liyer is a female Sheikah with long blond hair and crimson eyes.

History Edit

The Return of Sulkaris Edit

Liyer sage

Liyer as Sage of Time, wearing Demoko's mask

In 126 AG, during the Gohma invasion of the Kingdom of Hyrule, in Vigjaro Liyer witnesses the emergence of Link and the new army of the Order of the Wizzrobe, which repels the incoming Gohma swarm. When the Gohma retreat from the city, she orders Ooccoo Jr. to inform Demoko, concerned about how the Hylian Wizards managed to evade Demoko's sight.

Liyer then tracks down Link, King Kazakk and the Hylian army as they set out to Vigjaro Glade to save Princess Tetralyna Zelda V from Akazoo Vapith. Following the battle, when she sees Link carelessly imprisoning himself inside the Malmord in which the Princess is held, she comes to their aid by breaking the Malmord on a rock.

Liyer then comes to the City in the Sky to report her findings directly to Demoko, who tasks her with uncovering the leader of the Hylian wizards. She suggests a military intervention instead, but the Sage of Time denies her request. Liyer then returns to the surface, where she warns Sulkaris to withdraw the Gohma from Hyrule lest Demoko takes action, but Sulkaris pays her no heed.

Liyer then heads back to the City to the Sky to inform Demoko about Princess Zelda V's gift of prophecy and Sulkaris' approach on Greshou. Once again Demoko refuses to act, but he changes his mind when he senses the death of the First Sage of Water Malkorbagia at the hands of Sulkaris. To Liyer's horror, however, instead of allying with the mortals of Hyrule, Demoko decides to slaughter them alongside the Gohma as well. After Demoko discharges the City in the Sky's Aura superweapon against Hylian, Zora and Gohma alike, Liyer warns him that he greatly misunderstands the Hylians before defecting to their side.

When the Gohma arrive on Death Mountain for their next target Maphaeus, Liyer fights on the side of the Gorons, commandeering an Oocca statue and helping to evacuate the Gorons from the minions of the First Sages and the Aura alike.

Preceded by:
Sage of Time
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