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Mage cannon

Mage Cannon

The Mage Cannon is a Zora Dominion siege weapon.

Description Edit

By focusing their electric currents into a giant Sapphire crystal, several Zora Mages can unleash a mighty discharge powerful enough to blast through stone walls. While pushing the crystal leaves the Mages vulnerable, deploying the chassis and charging it takes place in relatively short order and makes them ideal siege weapons.

Role Edit

Attributes Edit

  • Magic (Instant Kills to enemies with no magic protection)
  • Heavy Siege (Siege Weapon is more accurate and deals more damage to buildings, but much less accurate against moving targets)
  • Exceptionally Trained (This unit has undergone years of training and responds to orders better, but takes longer to create)
  • Aquatic (Unit is able to move and fight in water)

Recruitment Edit

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