Marauders are the basic light infantry of the Gerudo.

Description Edit

Gerudo Marauders were composed of many of the nation's youngest warriors, just fresh out of training. With little armor to worry about, Marauders could sprint across the sands of their homeland with ease and swiftly raid enemies with their scimitar.


  • Light Assault Infantry

Marauders were quick on their feet and not afraid to put their blades to the enemy's throat. They were excellent raiders and could break enemy formations to cause quite a bit of havoc. Their complete lack of armor made them less than fit to engage in prolonged fighting, especially if heavily armored enemies were involved.

Attributes Edit

Name Description
Nimble Footing 25% increased chance to parry melee attacks
Hardy Tires more slowly regardless of environmental and combat conditions
Numerous Larger troop count


  • Building: Gerudo Fortress
  • Time: 3 Turns
  • Cost: 300
  • Upkeep: 80

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