Hyrule Historia
The Fallen Sage

Midna's Legend is the opening cinematic of Hyrule: Total War, played at the start of the Hyrule Historia campaign.

Hyrule Cinematics - Midna's Legend03:06

Hyrule Cinematics - Midna's Legend


At Uzu. Midna narrates while walking from the entrance to the balcony, past Majora's statues and Lady Middee.

  • Midna: Have you heard of the legend of Hyrule?
  • Midna: A land of mystical peace and prosperity?
  • Midna: A land where there are no threats?
  • Midna: This land has been distorted by history.
  • Midna: Hyrule is a land of war.
  • Midna: A land of demons that will haunt your dreams until the day you die.
  • Midna: Here now is my legend of Hyrule.
  • Midna: There will be no consideration for those weak of heart.
  • Midna: There will be no concessions for the young minded.
  • Midna: Just the truth of something deep and meaningful.
  • Midna: Now lost to time.
  • Midna: We will be no longer remembered as just fairy tales.
  • Midna: We will be remembered as a true and epic legend.

POV switches through armies of various factions marching to war, before ending at Majora laughing madly.

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