Moblinox Bombers are bomb-throwing hybrid children of Moblins and Hinox.


A hybrid of Moblins and the giant Hinox, Moblinoxi were cyclopean creatures that bore some resemblance to both parents of their bloodlines. Despite having only one eye, a Moblinox could see incredibly far like their Hinox parent, and as such were excellent at aiming and tossing or firing ranged weapons. Because of their skill, a Moblinox tended to take up ranged weaponry rather than melee skills, in particular, the tradition of throwing bombs that was common among the Hinox.


Name Description
Explosive Chance to instantly kill multiple enemies in attack
Flame Attack Ground continues to burn on impact, damaging nearby enemies' morale
Arm Shield Resistant to arrow fire
Tenacious Deals much more damage than units of the same size

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