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The Order of the Wizzrobe is a playable faction in Hyrule: Total War.


The Wizzrobes are as secretive a race as any. A true Wizzrobe is more or less an avian being notable for their dark feathers and protruding beaks. Despite the fact that their arms appear to be wings, Wizzrobes cannot fly by natural means. Other than this, the Wizzrobes as a society or political entity remain shrouded in secrets. The Wizzrobes in more ancient times have been known to side with powerful armies, the most notable case being an alliance with Ganon. Despite this, Wizzrobes have also been known to be very humble and charitable, wandering around in pairs and healing the sick. The duality of their actions masks their true intent, an intent which is likely to be forever unknown, even to non-Wizzrobe members of their order. In times of war the Wizzrobe have and can assemble their numbers into a standing army. The concept of magic remains a fanciful and mysterious thing to many people, but if anyone understands the nature of it then the Wizzrobes are the masters. They are able to manipulate the forces of nature through the use of wands and staffs. The degree of manipulation varies greatly, some can only fling a simple fireball from thin air while others can conjure an entire city of illusion. Wizzrobes are rightly feared for these abilities, and in battle they can tap into these powerful spells and unleash them on their enemies. Fireballs, lightning bolts, chunks of flying earth, and blasts of water are but a few of the weapons they may unleash on an enemy army. Despite all these amazing advantages, a Wizzrobe caught at the tip of a sword is vulnerable. They may be quite the magicians, but in a melee their magic is useless against the swing of a hammer if they have no time to react. Bold warriors may spread their pride should they get close enough to kill a Wizzrobe, but they are more likely to meet the fate of a barrage of streaming flames from the staff of these legendary magicians.


Most Hylian and Wizzrobe members of the Order speak Ancient Hylian.


Strengths, Weaknesses and AbilitiesEdit

  • Master of the Elements: Wizzrobes have control over a large variety of ranged elemental spells, making them deadly from a distance.
  • Wizard's Last Rule: A Wizzrobe forced into or caught off guard in a melee has a significant disadvantage and is generally extremely frail.
  • Appealing Converters: Wizzrobes are masters at manipulating people into believing any faith that appeals to their desires. In the Campaign the Wizzrobes have a large bonus when spreading their religion to other empires.
  • Secret Society: The Wizzrobes maintain a small covert organization and rarely have the numbers that are significant enough to declare war on other empires in the campaign. As such they prefer to convert their potential enemies rather than fight them.


  • Faction Leader: Nostrum
  • Settlements: 1
  • Goals:
    • Short Campaign: hold 30 regions
    • Long Campaign: hold 40 regions


The Wizzrobe are designed around converting the dimwitted common-folk of Hyrule with promises of power and a better government. The Wizzrobes will not start out with any cities but that's not a problem from their point of view.

The Wizzrobes can convert cities to them using their Bishops, increasing a trait called 'Wizzrobe Influence' that appears as a region's religion percentage when you have a Bishop selected.

As Wizzrobe Influence increases in a city from the Bishop offering his services and ideals to townsfolk, its unrest dramatically increases as they grow to like the Wizzrobes rather than their own government. Naturally when this unrest reaches a boiling point (around 75% Wizzrobe Influence), the city will rebel... allowing your armies to move in and take it without having to declare war. This naturally makes the Wizzrobe Bishop the most important unit in a Wizzrobe force early on in the game. You'll want to train as many of them from your Cathedral as possible and send them to key territories you'll want down the road. This method has the added benefit of working against every faction with the exception of the Gohma and Stalfos, allowing the Wizzrobes to spread out into areas of the campaign map early on rather than cluster themselves near the Hylian descended factions.

Despite being labelled as 'Wizzrobe Influence', the Wizzrobes' religion starts as Strict Goddess Worship and they gain all the benefits and penalties of that religion. It also means that when Majora finally comes around and you want to convert to his forces, your Bishops will lose their ability to convert cities. At that point you'll be getting aid from Majora's Spawn, though, and war will be inevitable regardless.




Siege WeaponryEdit

Hero UnitsEdit


Legendary FigureEdit

Tech TreeEdit


The Order of the Wizzrobe shares a portion of its techtree with the Kingdom of Hyrule, save for their unit production buildings. The Wizzrobes must devote their Colleges to a specific area of study in each settlement, which limits what they can produce. The only exception is the Cathedral of Vigjaro, which can eventually train every Wizzrobe unit.


  • Basic Urban Farms: Economy structure that aids in income as well as population growth for the Kingdom of Hyrule. The Hylians have mastered the technique of growing their crops within their cities in these Urban farms. While they are not as effective and yield less than traditional rural farms, they are enough to support a small sized settlement.
  • Arcane College: Though it is very expensive to establish, this structure serves as a center of study for Wizzrobe mages and Hylian recruits intending to regain the magic of their ancestors. The College must be devoted to a specific area of expertise.
  • Pyro-Solath Schooling: Dedicates this college to the schooling of Wizzrobe Pyromancers.
  • Gardens: A simply plot of land devoted to flora, Gardens increase the health of their host settlement as well as the happiness of those that live there.
  • Bar: Often the center of entertainment and social gatherings in small Hylian towns, a bar helps improve the happiness of all the workers who toil day in and out.
  • Bazaar: A basic shop that can be set up early on, the Bazaar sells any extra supplies or items produced by its host settlement.


  • Fertile Urban Farms: With better fertilization techniques these Urban Farms are able to yield a larger crop for their host settlements, improving population growth.
  • Aqua-Zealkan Schooling: Dedicates this college to the schooling of Wizzrobe Aquamancers.
  • Electro-Vairdai Schooling: Dedicates this college to the schooling of Wizzrobe Electromancers.
  • Market Plaza: A series of shops that sell various goods and services within its host settlement, increasing both its economy and the happiness of people within.
  • Inn: By expanding the town's Bar into an Inn, travelers can visit the settlement and social gatherings can expand, increasing the happiness of its host settlement.
  • Milk Distributor: By Offering the sale of Lon Lon Milk at the Town's Bazaar, the city's economy is greatly aided and happiness of its citizens soars.


  • Arrayed Urban Farms: By combining the resources of several Urban Farms together they are able to collectively yield a much larger crop, improving population growth.
  • Geo-Naltak Schooling: Dedicates this college to the schooling of Wizzrobe Geomancers.
  • Aero-Soolithar Schooling: Dedicates this college to the schooling of Wizzrobe Aeromancers.
  • Hospital: By building a dedicated hospital, the host settlement's health increases as well as the healing of injured soldiers, decreasing retraining costs.
  • Large Gardens: By expanding the Gardens of a settlement both its health and the happiness of its people increase.
  • Fairgrounds: Installing Fairgrounds at the settlement's Market Plaza increases both the happiness of the people there as well as the settlement's income.
  • Tavern: Expanding the capabilities of the Inn makes it a hot spot for social gatherings and nightlife in its host city. Happiness amongst the people is greatly increased.

Large TownEdit

  • Urban Farm Network: By linking all Urban Farms together with an irrigation network and supportive fertilization effort, these farms are able to yield their best crops to support the populations of cities.
  • Illus-Carocklon Schooling: Dedicates this college to the schooling of Wizzrobe Illusionists.
  • Conjure-Chilfos Schooling: Dedicates this college to the schooling of Wizzrobe Conjurers.
  • Arcane Manufactorium: A large and complex construct that can creature the deadly Wizzrobe Earth Reapers.
  • Market Festival: Hosting weekly festivals at the Market Plaza further inspired happiness amongst the Settlement's citizens, as well as boosts the economy for periods of time.


  • Crystal of Power: The Wizzrobes can erect these mysterious glowing crystals within a settlement they control, empowering their soldiers with magics. Allows units to train at their first Upgrade level.
  • Death-Xelthos Schooling: Dedicates this college to the schooling of Wizzrobe Death Mages.
  • Great Bimaristan: Putting more money and resources into a settlement's hospital greatly increases the health of the city as well as lowering the retraining cost of soldiers.
  • Goddess Festival: By hosting an annual Goddess Festival at the Market Plaza, citizens have a goal to work for every year. The Goddess Festival dramatically increases happiness and the income of a city.
  • Bank: A dedicated bank can help stimulate the economy of the entire Kingdom, lending out loans and encouraging rapid business growth.

Large CityEdit

  • Tabernacle of Hylia : Place of worship dedicated to the False Goddess Hylia, who blesses the Wizzrobe with her divine power. Allows units to train at their second Upgrade level.

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