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A rightfully feared predator that stalks the great open plains of Hyrule, the Peahats are nothing short of certain death for whatever end up as its prey. A giant plant like creature who's roots have adapted to blades, the Peahat can rapidly rotate itself into a crude but makeshift propeller, granting it limited flight. The relation between the Peahat and Deku Scrubs is unknown, though the Scrubs have and can field these monstrosities in an army should they feel the need to do so.


These large plant like creatures spend most of their time rooted in the ground, though they will rise and hover towards prey that happen to pass too close. They are considered pests by the Hylians and Ordonians.

Peahats can be found in a variety of locations, though they mostly nest across Hyrule Field and the Plains of Ordona.

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