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Powder keg launcher

Powder Keg Launcher

Powder Keg Launchers are the basic Goron heavy artillery that fire kegs of explosive powder.

Description Edit

The explosive Powder Kegs pack enough power to blow open the side of a cliff. When directed at and fired into an enemy army, the resulting blast results in all sorts of fiery carnage. A battery of Powder Keg Launchers could reduce any city to smoking rubble with a consistent barrage.

Role Edit

Attributes Edit

  • Explosive (chance to instantly kill multiple enemies in attack)
  • Flame Attack (Ground continues to burn on impact, damaging nearby enemy morale)
  • Heavy Siege (Siege Weapon is more accurate and deals more damage to buildings, but much less accurate against moving targets)

Recruitment Edit

Powder Keg Launchers can be built from the Powder Keg Cooper.

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