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Queen of the Wind Tribe, Queen of Hyrule


Wind Tribe




Gustaf (husband)
Link (descendant)
unnamed children




Wind Tribe Staff

Music Themes

Siroc was the ruler of the Wind Tribe, the first Queen of Hyrule, and wife of its founder King Gustaf.

Physical Characteristics Edit

Siroc was a female member of the Wind Tribe, with pale skin, red hair, and luminescent white eyes with no pupils.


Ancient AgeEdit

Siroc was the Queen of the Wind Tribe during the formation of the Kingdom of Hyrule. She married King Gustaf of Hyrule and together they had several children.

In 4992 BG, the Druthulidi Vaati and the Darknut Zalunbar started an invasion of Holodrum in order to steal the Triforce from the Wind Tribe.

With invading armies slaughtering her people Siroc went to Gustaf to ask for aid, so that the Tribe could escape to the sky, which Gustaf agrees to. She led the Hylians to the Tarm Ruins, the last bastion of the Wind Tribe. With the help of the Hylians, the Darknuts were defeated, and with her people saved Siroc bid Gustaf farewell as she departs for the sky.

King Gustaf did not remarry after Siroc's departure. Following his death, he was succeeded by the False Goddess Hylia, who proceeded to hunt down all of Gustaf and Siroc's children, forcing them to go into hiding. The Order of the Wizzrobe would then proceed to erase most knowledge about Siroc, and no Hylian record from later ages mentions her as their first Queen, or the children she had with Gustaf.

Preceded by:
Title Created
Queen of Hyrule

5000 BG - c. 4992 BG

Succeeded by:
Maldra Nohansen Hyrule

(Earliest Known)

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