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Solado Ambi








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Solado Ambi is the Queen of the Labrynna Regime.


The current leader of Labrynna Regime, Queen Ambi inherited the Kingdom from her recently deceased husband and previous King. For a time, she fell into a deep depression and Labrynna began to falter as a result. One day, however, her demeanor changed and soon after the Regime began to make huge strides in economics and technology. Seemingly from nowhere, she helped develop Hydraulics as a new energy source for her kingdom, as well as provided insight into new forms of weaponry. She now strives to expand west in Hyrule and find more resources to complete her crowning achievement: a massive tower from which she may look upon all the land.


Queen ambi-0

Some time between 102 AG and 128 AG, the Great Fairy Veran, who had previously been banished to the Realm of Twilight, escapes back to Hyrule and becomes Ambi's adviser. Over time, Ambi slowly succumbs to Veran's malicious intents. She militarises the Regime and orders the construction of the Black Tower - a symbol of Labrynna power, a monument to their doctrine of expansion, and a supreme throne from which she could rule.

To achieve this, in 168 AG, the Regime invades and enslaves the Tokay for cheap slave labour, the Subrosians for their resources, kills the Maku Tree and extracts a strange magic from his corpse which is needed to construct the Black Tower.

After this, Ambi orders another invasion into Ordona Province, but has to quickly withdraw - the Black Tower is completed and is revealed to be a giant Mirror of Twilight designed by Veran in order to summon the Forces of Twilight of King Zant back to Hyrule, who begin to march through the Mirror and take over the city.

Hero Ability Edit


Hold Your Ground: All non-routing units have restored morale.

Bodyguard Edit

Palace Watch

Preceded by:
Unnamed King of Labrynna (as King of Labrynna Regime)
Queen of the Labrynna Regime

Unknown - 129 AG

Succeeded by:

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