Gerudo Temple

The Spirit Temple is a special building located in Aidaidorf, a Gerudo settlement. The battle map of Aidaidorf consist of only the Spirit Temple, and the temple is also considered as a special building in the settlement.


Created by the Gerudo and Zuna centuries ago, the Spirit Temple served as a place of worship and communion with the spiritual afterlife, a belief once held by the Gerudo. In due time it eventually became a giant tomb where Gerudo Warlords were buried in honour. Currently the Spirit Temple is rarely frequented by anyone.


  • Allows the training of Iron Knuckles and Tomb Guards if controlled by the Gerudo.
  • Increases the spread of Goddess Acknowledgement when controlled by a faction of that religion.
  • Increases the morale of Goddess Acknowledgement factions.
  • Allows for the "Ring of Warlords" event to take place.

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