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The Stallord is the resurrected fossil of an unknown creature from ancient times.


When the undead lack the numbers to bring down heavy resistance, the almighty Stallord is summoned from the depths of the earth to end the lives of those that oppose them. The remnants of an unknown beast from ancient times, the origin and nature of the Stallord in its lifetime is a mystery. Its profile in undeath, on the other hand, is well-known and feared. Little more then a mindless machine under the leash of undead masters, there are few forces in Hyrule that can stand against this necromantic abomination and its massive claws.


Hyrule in ChaosEdit

The Stallord is raised from its grave in the Arbiter's Grounds by Lord Akazoo in 130 AG after he comes back to unlife.

Hero Ability Edit


Exhume Corpses: The Stallord digs up and then vomits out several rotting corpses at nearby enemies, reducing their morale.


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