Tomb Guard

The Tomb Guard is a Gerudo heavy infantry unit, resistant to fire and magic attacks due to their Mirror Shields.

Description Edit

High-ranking soldiers in the Gerudo military, Tomb Guards watched over the graves of long-deceased Gerudo Kings, as well as the Royal Palace and other political centers. Armed with a shield-prying Khopesh and the legendary Mirror Shield, Tomb Guards could Bunker down and hold off almost any foe from taking their targets.

Role Edit

  • Heavy Defense Infantry

The Tomb Guard's curved Khopesh was designed to grip onto and pry away enemy shields, making these soldiers excellent against enemy armor. In addition, their signature Mirror Shields could deflect all manner of ranged attack, making them nearly invulnerable to archer barrages.

Attributes Edit

  • Mirror Shield (Immune to arrow fire)
  • Armor Piercing (Attack ignores Heavy Armor)
  • Shield Wall (Allows unit to form Shield Wall)


  • Building: Gerudo Fortress (requires Gerudo Training Grounds)
  • Time: 4 Turns
  • Cost: 400
  • Upkeep: 117

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