Town Guard

The Town Guard are the basic spearmen of the Kingdom of Hyrule.

Description Edit

The Town Guards were ordinary men from across all the Kingdom that served as volunteer soldiers. They were assigned to low-level duty in their village of origin. During particularly massive wars they were shipped to the frontlines with the rest of the Hylian army. Armed with a trusty spear and light armor, they were good for maintaining light defense against cavalry and charges, but were poor in an extended melee with enemy infantry.

Role Edit

  • Light Defense Spearmen: The Town Guards, as their namesake implies, were best used to defend cities while armies were away on the offensive. In dire times their spears could by used to halt light cavalry charges, but they could not sustain extended melees with enemy infantry.

Attributes Edit

Name Description
Long Reach Bonus damage against all cavalry, immune to charges
Garrison Unit upkeep is free when stationed at city
Police Can maintain public order in stationed city


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