Triforce Vanguard

The Triforce Vanguard is a special Kingdom of Hyrule spear unit.


During times of desperation and unrest, the Triforce Vanguard are summoned from deep within the Temple of Time to safeguard the sanctuary. Maidens that have been trained at a young age to fight, Triforce Vanguards have devoted their entire lives to acting as the last line of defense against those that wish to defile the secrets locked away within the Kingdom's most holy of temples. They have supreme authority over any Hylian, even the Princess herself, should the Temple of Time come under siege.


Attributes Edit


Recruitment Edit

Triforce Vanguard are only available if Hyrule Prime is under siege in a Freeform Campaign. A single unit of Triforce Vanguard will spawn in Hyrule Prime, if Hyrule Prime is under the Kingdom of Hyrule's control, falls under siege, and remains so between turns. It will despawn if the siege is lifted and remains lifted between turns.

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