The various missions in the Hyrule Historia campaign have playable units that are not otherwise available in the Freeform Campaign or Custom/Quick Battles. These units can include variants of factional units, unique or alternate versions of Heroes, and entirely unique units.

Moblins Edit


Moblin Civilians Edit

Though they don't service the Moblin's military forces, these members of society still are a dangerous foe for the unprepared.

Moblin Children Edit


Young Moblin Children.

Hylia's army must genocide the population of Demise in Demise of a Goddess to lure out the Moblin army.

Sheikah Cadre Edit

Interloper Assassins Edit


Once skilled assassins that served the Cadre, these Sheikah betrayed the Royal Family and sided with the traitorous Bongo in an attempt to steal and use the Triforce for their own means.

These magic melee units are a retextured version of Sheikah Assassins. They only appear in the mission Dark Interlopers.


Interloper Wizards Edit

Once powerful wizards that served the Cadre, these Sheikah betrayed the Royal Family and sided with the traitorous Bongo in an attempt to steal and use the Triforce for their own means.

These ranged magic units are a retextured variant of Blood Wizards. They appear in the missions Triumph of the Moblin and Dark Interlopers.


Shadow Door Edit

A powerful barrier used to seal off the Shadow Temple and its prisoners.

These "units" only appear in Unearthing Shadows, to block off premature access to sections of the Shadow Temple. Defeating a boss (Deadhand and the Redead Horror) will cause them to open.

Bongo Edit

See Article: Bongo

Gohma Edit

Gohma nest

Gohma Nest Edit

During the mission Of Princess and Portents, the Gohma must excavate several of their nests buried by Lord Akazoo underneath Malkariko to bolster their forces. A Gohma Nest will emerge from the ground when approached by a Gohma unit, releasing several units of Gohma Larvae.

Kingdom of Ikana Edit


Ikana Civilians Edit

Civilians of Ikana.

During Torn Asunder, Igos Du Ikana's army must must kill a number of Ikana's civilians to lure out Captain Keeta's rebels. The survivors will then flee the city and off the battle map.

Kingdom of Hyrule Edit

Wind Tribe Civilians Edit


Unarmed citizens of the Wind Tribe.

During the mission Windbreaker, Wind Tribe civilians will attempt to reach Tarm's Ascension Tower and must be protected from the Darknut Legion by the player,

Hylian Civilians Edit


Common everyday citizens of the Kingdom of Hyrule.

Hylian civilians appear in the mission of Princess and Portents, and must be killed off by the Gohma alongside the Hylian garrison to be provide nourishment for their forces. They will attempt to flee to Malkariko's capture point upon being engaged.

The also appear in Vigjaro in the mission The Knight in Green, and will automatically flee into Vigjaro Cathedral at the beginning of the mission. Protecting them from the Gohma is a major objective for the player.

Forces of Twilight Edit


Twili Spider Nest Edit

During the mission There Once Was a Great Fairy, Zant's rebel forces must destroy several artificial Twili Spider nests set up around Elmenzhia.

Stalfos Edit

Deadhand Edit

See Article: Deadhand

ReDead Horror Edit

See Article: ReDead Horror

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