Vagrudanon are the light raiding cavalry of the Gerudo.

Description Edit

Riding on the signature black horses of the Desert, the Vagrudanon filled the core of the Gerudo's military cavalry. They were some of the fastest riders in all of Hyrule, and could strike terror into their enemies with unrelenting raids.


  • Light Assault Cavalry

The speed and power of Gerudo horses made Vagrudanon excellent raiders and a nearly unstoppable charging force. They could effortlessly plow into infantry, throwing them into chaos and trampling over the frontlines.

Attributes Edit

Name Description
Swift Can move faster than other units of the same type and size
Trample Chance to instantly kill enemy in charge attack
Numerous Larger troop count


  • Building: Gerudo Fortress (requires Stables)
  • Time: 3 turns
  • Cost: 350
  • Upkeep: 103

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