High Queen Veran, Sorceress of Shadows, Chancellor of the Labrynna Regime


Great Fairy of Twilight




Tarm (creator)
Dezaia (sister)
Onox (husband)


Tarm Ruins, Holodrum


134 AG
Tarm Ruins, Holodrum


Fairy Whips, Dark Fairy Whip

Music Themes


Veran's attire as Ambi's chancellor

Veran is a powerful Great Fairy created by Tarm and a key figure in the formation of the Twili Empire.

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

When initially created, Veran displays many common traits of other Great Fairies. She is tall and slender with pink skin, orange hair, and four arms. Two of her arms and her wings are amputated in her battle with Demise, leaving her without the ability to fly. After living in the Realm of Twilight for centuries, Veran's skin becomes extremely pale. For unknown reasons, living in the Realm of Twilight seems to turn her eyes to pupiled orbs rather than the black voids displayed by the of the Fairies of Tarm.


Veran is a very vain and egocentric individual, placing much emphasis and pride on her physical beauty. She cares very little for others and was willing to back stab her sister to obtain the Triforce. There are exceptions to this however, Veran has a deep fondness and love for Onox whose death brought her years of guilt and sadness.


As one of the oldest Great Fairies, Veran is extremely magically powerful. Without her wings, Veran seems to lose to ability to fly, and is handicapped by the loss of her two lower arm, but remains a powerful force. In the Realm of Twilight, she displays the ability to teleport and conjure objects such as shadow masks out of thin air. Her keen mind is likely her greatest weapon, as she almost single-handedly laid the foundations of her puppet states, the Twili Empire and later the Labrynna Regime and the advanced technologies found in both cultures.


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Rise of GanonEdit

After the Fairies took up residence in the Wind Tribe's ruins, Veran and her sister Dezaia have studied texts that they had left behind pertaining to the Triforce. When word that the Kingdom of Hyrule fell and the Triforce is up for grabs, Veran sets out with an army against the will of Tarm in an attempt to secure the Triforce for herself. There she battles with the Gerudo, Dark Interlopers, and Zora armies in Hylia Marine. Though her forces are succeeding, Veran ends up in a fight with Demise, who rips off two of her arms and eventually incapacitates her.

Severely weakening and bleeding to death, Veran is taken prisoner by Princess Zelda and is offered along with other prisoners of war to the Gerudo Warlords. There she is banished into Bellum's Mirror of Twilight in the Arbiter's Grounds along with other Gerudo and Sheikah.

The Realm of TwilightEdit


Veran as a Great Fairy

Weakened and dying in the cold and harsh landscape, Veran wanders off from the other prisoners into the wilderness to die. There she meets a Dark Dragon by the name of Onox, who senses her magical powers and took an interest. He shelters her from the elements and helps her heal and recover. With Onox at her side, Veran returns to the prisoners and organizes the first Twili Empire with the two other Great Fairies Una and Morsheen.

For centuries the Fairies remain in control of the Twili, pulling the strings of each King that they placed on the throne. Eventually their power over the Twili becomes threatened, as King Mizorant banishes them from the Palace of Twilight. As a result the fairies disband the King's armies, murder him, and place Midna on the throne instead of Zant, Mizorant's son.

Being denied the throne pushes Zant into rebellion, and soon enough he begins a war against Midna to take the throne. After Una is defeated and taken captive by Zant, Veran teleports to Elmenzhia and invites him and his forces to the church of Uzu, making it clear that his army can't defeat hers there, then returns to Uzu where Morsheen and Onox await. Back at Uzu she asks Morsheen to summon Majora, and ask it to animate the Avatars of its likeness to crush Zant and his army, with the condition that Majora could reap their souls.

When Zant arrives at Uzu, Veran has Onox command their armies alongside the spawn and Avatars that Morsheen has summoned against Zant.

Veran confronts Demise at Lake Hylia.

Despite being backed up by Majora, Veran at the end still loses to Zant, who orders her to bow before the new King. When Veran defies him, Zant slices her kneecap, forcing her to kneel, then tells her of his plan to return to and conquer Hyrule after the Realm of Twilight is his. Intrigued, Veran questions how he will accomplish this. Zant then reveals that his secret associates will travel there soon. Seeing an opportunity, Veran gladly accepts to help Zant overthrow Midna.

Veran begins to transform Zant's men into Shadow Messengers using masks of Oorgath. She then provides Zant with one of these masks to use on Midna. Following Zant's victory Veran imprisons Una in Valran and helps Zant prepare his armies to launch an invasion of Hyrule while his associates - now revealed to be Bellum's Parella minions - work to build a new Mirror of Twilight.

The Gerudo WarsEdit

Twili allies

Veran alongside Zant, Jelyf and Onox, shorty after their arrival into Hyrule.

With the mirrors completed, Veran, Onox, Zant, the Twili and the Parella march into Hyrule. There they are greeted by Princess Sokuuf, a servant of the Parella, who tells them she has installed a mole in the Zora Dominion nearby, while the Parella reveals her plan with Onox: when the Twili and Parella are fighting the Zora defenders, he'll carry a bottle of poison upstream and pour into the Zora River, poisoning the main water source of Hyrule to make further invasions easier for Zant. Veran reminds Zant to recognise when he's being used.

Onox's mission proves to be a failure, though - under Domain Prime he was confronted and killed in a duel by Princess Ruto. At this point, Domain Prime comes down collapsing over the Zora and the Twili, while the Parella's River Zora minions have left and abandoned them during the battle. It is revealed that the River Zora have been taking advantage of the Zora being occupied by the battle and by Onox to plant numerous Sols all around the Zora's Domain, and with Onox dead they detonated all of them to destroy their ancient enemies, without concern for their allies. Veran finds Onox's corpse on the Zora River and begins to mourn, disregarding King Zant's orders to retreat, and becomes stranded on Hyrule after the Mirrors are closed.

Manifest DestinyEdit

Veran wanders Hyrule alone and miserable for many years until she finds herself in Labrynna. There she finds the resources she needed to construct a new Mirror of Twilight, and approaches the then Princess Ambi with her proposal. Ambi accepts, and is soon after made Queen of Labrynna. Veran then works with her to construct the Black Tower: a giant monument created to power a Mirror of Twilight so that she could bring her own forces into Hyrule. The structure requires an enormous amount of resources to build, forcing Queen Ambi to invade the neighboring Tokay islands, Subrosia, and Holodrum. Though enough resources and labor are secured, the attacks eventually catch the attention of the Fairies of Tarm in the north, and the Kingdom of Hyrule in the west.

Eventually both empires lead an assault on Labrynna just as the Black Tower is ready to become operational. Veran is able to activate the portal and contact King Zant on the other side, who soon begins to assemble his armies within the Black Tower. With a fresh army at her command, Veran retakes Lynna City and forces both the Kingdom of Hyrule and the Fairies of Tarm into retreat. Veran pursues the Fairies back into Holodrum and frees her imprisoned sister Dezaia, as well as an army of Korrigans. With such power at her hands, Veran marches upon the Tarm Ruins and confronts the Essence of Tarm herself, sealing it within and crowning herself Queen of the Fairies.

Fairies loyal to Valanvi the Fairy Queen begin a counterattack against Veran. With the aid of Link they are able to overcome both Veran's Fairy and Twili armies, killing Dezaia in battle and most of the Korrigans. Link and Navi confront Veran in person, though neither could overcome the sorceress through physical force. During their battle Valanvi manages to free the Essence of Tarm, who swiftly destroys Veran and brings an end to her conquest.

Bodyguard Edit

Great Fairies (Hyrule Historia)

Hero Ability Edit


Suffocate: Veran and nearby allies gain a massive chance to instantly kill enemy units for a very brief time. Enemy units may run and flee while the effect lasts.

Preceded by:
Title Established
Leader of the Great Fairies of Twilight

Unknown - 103 AG

Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Queen of the Fairies
134 AG
Succeeded by:

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