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The Wind Witch is a Gerudo infantry unit.
Wind witches

Wind Witch

Description Edit

Elder Matriarchs of Gerudo society, the Wind Witches took control of the desert empire after their male kings became extinct. Dark magics of the ancient desert have given them extraordinarily long life as well as power over sand and wind. They are feared and revered by all Gerudo.

Role Edit

  • Heavy Assault Mage

Wind Witches were able to unleash burning-hot gusts of wind and jagged shards of sand. They could incinerate enemies from quite a distance, though they were much less accurate the further away they stood. Their frail and elderly nature made them extremely vulnerable in melee.

Attributes Edit

  • Magic (Instant Kills to hit enemies)
  • Inspire (Improves troop morale)
  • Police (Unit can maintain public order in stationed city)

Recruitment Edit

  • Building: Gerudo Archery Range (requires Spirit Altar)
  • Time: 4 Turns
  • Cost: 400
  • Upkeep: 117

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